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Waste Collection Program

Waste Collection Program

The Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows Ҵý District 42 needs your help in achieving its goal of an 85% CLEAN diversion rate by 2024. Under the waste collection program, waste is separated into four streams —organics, recycling, cardboard, and garbage. The separation process is the responsibility of every user of SD42 facilities, including students, teachers, management, staff, parents, visitors, and facility renters.

We encourage parents/guardians to pack sandwiches, fresh fruit, fresh veggies and treats in reusable containers instead of disposable plastic bags. Similarly, where possible, we ask that they provide their child(ren) with reusable drink containers instead of disposable juice boxes and plastic water bottles.

For the program to be successful, we must achieve consistency in diversion rate reporting across the school district, and educate all students and staff through videos, posters, and brochures. The school district will monitor and review the program on an ongoing basis to determine where additional improvements can be made.

The waste collection program aligns with board policy 6530 Environmental Sustainability and supports the district’s objective to act as a responsible steward within our community, cultivate a culture of care, and seek to develop the leadership and citizenship capacity of all learners.


With your help, we can cut down the waste we send to landfills and reduce our impact on the environment.


  • Plastics labelled #1-7 including water bottles, yogurt containers, coffee lids, plastic take out containers.
  • Paper including paper bags, newspapers, magazines, and clean loose paper.
  • Polycoat including boxed containers for beverages and soups.
  • Metal including tin food cans, aluminum cans, and foil.
  • Glass including glass bottles and jars.

Recycling is collected in blue bins without lids. The bins are lined with recycled, light-grey bags and custodians remove the liners two times a week directly to a lockable outdoor bin.



  • All food items, including proteins, eggs, dairy, fruits and vegetables, breads, grains, and bones.
  • Soiled items: tea bags, coffee filters and grounds, food soiled paper towels, yard waste, wood chips, and sawdust.
  • Certified compostable items: bags, cutlery, plates, and cups.

Organics are collected in green binds with lids that latch. The bins are lined with compostable bags. Custodians remove the liners every day directly to a lockable outdoor bin.



  • All corrugated cardboard, paper board and cardboard coffee trays.
  • Staff will place broken down and flattened cardboard in the nearest designated cardboard disposal bin.

Custodians take the designated cardboard bin directly to a lockable outdoor bin, with the frequency depending on the amount of cardboard collected each day.



  • Any items that are neither organic nor recyclable are considered garbage. Garbage is collected in bins previously provided.

The bins are lined with black liners. Custodians remove the liners two times a week directly to a lockable outdoor bin.




Hazardous waste, electronics, and sharps disposal. Please send a work order request to the SD42 maintenance department for hazardous waste and sharps disposal. For electronics, please contact the IT department.

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