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Inclement Weather Procedures (Staff)

Inclement Weather Procedures (Staff)

From time to time, it may be necessary to temporarily close school/facilities when extreme weather conditions exist and may endanger the health and safety of students/staff.

Ҵý/facility closure due to inclement weather will be at the discretion of the superintendent in consultation with the secretary treasurer and director of maintenance.

Decisions for closure may occur during working hours or prior to work commencing. The decision will be made by 6:30 am. Details are:

  • posted on the SD42 website
  • posted on the SD42 Facebook feed ()
  • posted on the SD42 Twitter feed ()
  • shared with News 1130, CKNW, and CBC 690 radio stations
Closures During Working Hours

For closures occurring during working hours, a decision will be made whether teachers/staff will remain on site, be reassigned or be sent home.

No loss of pay will result from any of the above scenarios. For closures occurring prior to the commencement of school opening, schools will be closed for both students and staff. No loss of pay will result to staff in this event.

Decisions regarding facility closure for the district education office will follow decisions made regarding school closure. If schools are closed to students and staff then only staff critical to attending to the extreme weather situation will be expected to come to work, as noted below.

Those considered to be part of the Inclement Weather Response Team and are expected to come to work would include:

  • Senior team
  • Ҵý principals and vice principals
  • HR representative (dispatch coordinator)
  • IT representative (to be determined)
  • Maintenance, grounds and custodial staff

Bargaining unit members who are regularly scheduled and expected to work during closures of this nature will be remunerated with time in lieu for the time spent working during inclement weather  closures. Please note that during times of inclement weather, casual custodians may be offered work to assist with the emergent situation.

Administrators are asked to report to their school to ensure that students who may be dropped off are safe. Administrators who are unable to report to their school due to the  extreme weather conditions are asked to report to their director of instruction so an alternative plan for school  representation may occur.


Closures Prior To Ҵýs Opening

For closures occurring prior to the commencement of school opening, TOC/Casuals will be notified that their shift has been cancelled. If Human Resources has made contact with the TOC/Casual prior to leaving home, the TOC/Casual will not be paid. If the TOC/Casual is contacted on route to work/or has arrived to work, the provisions of the collective agreement will apply.

It is also recognized that, on occasion, individual employees may determine that it is not safe for them to travel to their work due to inclement weather when schools are closed or open. In such circumstances, employees should report their absence and refer to their respective collective agreement to review the leave of absence provisions that may apply to their circumstance.

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