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Students answer the chowder challenge in Maple Ridge

June 3, 2024

By Colleen Flanagan, The Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows News

Chowder was on the menu at Maple Ridge Secondary Thursday afternoon, following the 19th annual Lesnes Chowder Competition.

A total of 42 students took part in the event on 22 teams made up of a maximum of two students each, from secondary schools across Ҵý District 42, and even some teams representing Abbotsford Senior Secondary Ҵý.

The teams were tasked with making a chowder, or what was defined by organizers as a hearty soup made from fish, shellfish, meats, and/or vegetables, which usually contains milk and potatoes, and is thickened with roux.

Each team had to have one current member of their school’s Culinary Arts Program and had to cook a minimum three liters of chowder, but not more than one pot. They were only allowed one and a half hours cooking time for their chowders, and no ingredients could be pre-cooked or treated in any way prior to the preparation period. They also had provide two copies of their original recipe.

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